Personal Tax, Trusts & Estates

We offer our clients, many of them running family-owned businesses, specialist advice on all aspects of their personal tax affairs.

We can help you comply with increasingly stringent tax rules, negotiate with SARS on your behalf and alert you to important new legislation.

Our understanding of taxation means that we can offer you ongoing help, guidance and advice with all of your tax concerns. No matter what your financial situation is, our experienced team will help you understand the issues at large and explain the options available.

Our service includes:

  • A yearly financial review of net income with advice on tax efficient investments and pensions
  • Income tax and capital gains tax planning
  • Tax advice to partnerships
  • Advice on tax efficient use of trusts
  • International tax planning for those with resident or non-resident status

Our advice can be crucial, especially when business and personal tax decisions converge For example during succession planning and inheritance tax planning.

Family wealth management issues
The majority of our clients are private clients or work within owner managed businesses. We have worked alongside private individuals for many years so we understand your needs and have built expertise to provide solutions to your problems.

We are aware of our clients’ concerns and the problems that can arise. We have the experience and knowledge to help identify when you may need to make changes and to help plan successfully for your future.

We know that your concerns will include how to:

  • minimise your income tax payments
  • plan for your children’s inheritance
  • plan your business succession
  • plan your capital gains and inheritance taxes

– and we can help you to resolve these issues.