UHY and its Roots

UHY’s two founding firms – Hacker Young, in the UK, and Urbach Kahn & Werlin, in the USA – formed UHY in the mid 1980s to help support clients with international interests. In the years since its inception, the network has expanded across continents around the world and now has regional groups in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The UHY network is one of the world’s top accounting and consulting associations and currently encompasses over 7,850 people working in 325 offices in 95 countries around the world.

Helping our clients develop international business
In an increasingly global marketplace, many businesses are looking to extend their interests beyond their home country. We can offer UHY Hacker Young clients full service support in every major financial centre in the world – see www.uhy.com for a full listing of locations.

Because UHY is a global entity, it has a structure with depth and breadth that can help clients do business with any organisation of any size and compete for overseas or cross-border business effectively.

Collectively, UHY has a massive skills base. There are individuals and member firms with many years’ proven experience in specialist industries and markets. Our clients can tap into that expertise.

UHY also has specialist working groups on knowledge sharing, marketing, membership quality and technical issues which help maintain a cohesive and energetic network with the emphasis heavily on client service.

The future
In addition to the numerous opportunities available for larger corporates, new opportunities are continually developing for small and medium sized businesses to expand abroad. Free trade agreements are making many regions more attractive to invest in, while changing global trade patterns and increasing market deregulation mean the way companies do business is continually changing.

As your business interests grow, so does our network. Continuing expansion is one of UHY’s key objectives.